Agenda – What Will Be Covered?

Need inspiration?

The one-day conference is designed to be 10% inspirational and 90% actionable. Our speakers and panel members are experienced in their particular craft, and can provide tips, techniques and hard “lessons learned”.

Already inspired, but need …

Defined steps, activities, or roadmap through the “maze” of tasks to create, develop and manage your first (or next) business workshop?

We Got You!

Here is what we will cover.

Workshop Topics

  • Business Workshop Creation 101
  • Workshop Logistics
  • Workshop Content and Learning Considerations
  • Workshop Audience . Your Speakers .  Your Team
  • Business Graphics . Images . Photography
  • Writing for Your Business vs Your Business Clients


Why the Maze Conference?

Creating learning events and workshops require a maze of topics, tactics, and significant planning.

Typically, a maze consists of multiple directions and pathways, some intersect, and some stop you cold.  Many times you enter down one pathway only to realize that you must pivot or change direction to get to your destination.  In many ways, the  steps to creating live learning events can be complex and overwhelming, with multiple destinations and pathways.

Our goal is to help you develop your live learning event with clarity, focus, and defined direction.

We will address:

  • the many types of live learning events
  • lessons learned
  • critical considerations

We will start defining and creating your workshop during the Maze Conference.

With awareness and planning, live learning workshops can be an exciting, exhilarating success for the workshop designer and attendee alike!

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